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Briefing Dental Zirconia

2021-08-11 Page view : 44 views

Zirconia has highly polished surface, they can contact the gum tissue and maintain the gingival architecture. Because of its smoothness, it creates a favorable surface for the gingival tissues.

Zirconia is nearly indestructible, it has 650-1350Mpa compared to natural teeth which are 300-400 Mpa, making it ideal for those of you who are in needs of new teeth and worried about the strength of the new teeth

If you are looking for new teeth, both natural and good-looking, you don’t wanna miss Zirconia. The high translucency of Zirconia is amazing and when compared to full-cast gold and porcelain metal crowns, Zirconia is the most natural-looking choice.

Why is Zirconia the best?

1. Zirconia crowns are strong, chipping and fracturing are extremely rare.

2. Very lifelike because of its high translucency.

3. Promotes a healthy tissue response, which means no redness or bleeding.

4. Suitable for patients who are allergic to metals as Zirconia is metal-free.

Zirconia can eliminates the possibility of metal margins becoming exposed as Zirconia crowns can be conventionally cemented in place using traditional bonding techniques. Zirconia crowns have a strength and consistency that is comparable with traditional PFM restorations, yet they provide far superior aesthetics.

Multilayer zirconia advantages including:

Most natural looking

Seamless gradient in translucency, strength and shade


Creatively maximized efficiency and aesthetics.

Zirconia manages to offer for quick and aesthetic polishing while taking the latest research into consideration.

More conservative preparations than other leading esthetic restorative materials specific formulations to meet the requirements of any region of the mouth ideal for bruxers who have destroyed natural teeth or previous restorations

CAD/CAM production improves the precise and consistency of contacts, occlusion and morphology, it’s very convenient as well which is why it’s been all the rage these years.

When it comes to dental products, it’s highly important to use materials with the best property–biocompatibility. In addition, high purity is vital as well. Zirconia is the best choice for dentures as it ensures reproducible batch stability and indicates an extremely homogenous grain size distribution

As an aesthetic framework material for dental restorations, zirconia is the most desirable because of its high translucency and tooth-like color. Moreover, zirconia allows for more advanced flexural strength, greater resistance to breakage and better anti-aging properties which means its safer and more reliable.

The most amazing thing about zirconia is that it offers outstanding esthetics with its extremely high light transmission, it also boasts other merits such as above average flexural strength and extraordinary resistance to hydrothermal aging.