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Milling Machine X5 Introduction

2022-04-28 Page view : 57 views

In this article we will introduce the bloomden Milling Machine X5. For dental factory or dental labs who want to take advantage of digital dental milling machines, we present the revolutionary Milling Machine X5.



Dental Milling machine One-Stop CAD/CAM milling machine comparing the size of the Milling Machine with that of the laptop, it has compact size and structure. It is convenient for remote training because of its WIFI Built. X5 utilize the plate dustproof structure which has better dustproof effect. The dust collector will automatically open when it starts to coarsen and be closed for the other time. Such automation setting can reduce noise and make sure the dust collector service work for a long life. Also there is an air duct in the working chamber for avoiding vacuuming effect. It is box structure with high rigidity. It also offers four sliders in each axis to make sure the body is not deformed and maintain the accuracy of the equipment. The Milling Machine X5 support a variety of fixtures which can be transformed into a fixture required for special cutting to meet customers’ various cutting needs. X5 is easy to use virtual machine panel to control machine diagnostics and calibration. There are many features to mill, 5-axis 5-linkage cutting as well as material saving cutting. Also X5 can mill zirconia full denture. It provides five axis milling of standard block including pmma, wax and zirconia. This is the whole details of Bloomden Milling X5, for more information please log in