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Polishing Step

2022-05-06 Page view : 38 views

Welcome to Bloom den Laboratory, in this article we will learn necessary steps to polishing, milling and sintering in 3D bloom den zirconium restorations. This revolutionary material provides a highly translucent and precise color of bloom den product family.

The first step is polishing. Here is the crown, we going to polish it. The restoration is polished with the milling bur. We use milling bur to make adjustment for the internal crown in low pressure, avoiding producing cracks. From this we can see the finished achieved restoration with the polishing.



Okay, let’s move on to the next process. We need clean it up before we operate. Use the brush to clean powder inside and outside of the restoration, repeatedly this step, then you will get the clean-up denture in your eyes. We also do a little sandblasting to get it all cleaned up. We eliminate powders to avoid the residue. Don’t underestimate the powder, its residue can deform the crown.



And the next, the crucible contain many tiny beads; leave room for the beads to move freely. These beads are used as rollers to allow the restoration to shrink and move during the sintering process. We need those little beads to help so that when the crown begins to shrink, there was no contact between the crucible and the crown to destroy the shape of it. And put it onto the crucible, after an hour and a half; remove it from the fast furnace. Except the fast furnace, our company also has a complete set of equipment such as carving machine, grinder machine and other equipment required for the processing of denture in the rear section. After sintering process, the restoration must be cooled down to room temperature and atmosphere. The amazing things as you will see, supplier for zirconium porcelain teeth have great transmittance and precise color matching with the real teeth. Congratulations, you have now completed all necessary steps to finish 3D bloom den zirconium restorations. For more information please log in