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Crowns and dental restorations from zirconium dioxide are preferred over those made of any other material, including porcelain. In terms of strength, durability, longevity, appearance, and patient comfort, they are far superior.

Rigorous laboratory tests prove Bloomden zirconia restorations have a 200 percent higher bending strength than porcelain products. Bloomden zirconia withstands the normal wear and tear on teeth from chewing, biting, and speaking far better! Due to their enhanced durability and strength, zirconia restorations last longer than porcelain.

Aesthetically, zirconia dental restorations look extremely natural. The optimized micro structure of the zirconia produces greater translucency. Because of this, the restorations reflect light in the same manner as natural teeth. This gives zirconia restorations an incredibly lifelike appearance. Further, the restorations can be colored matched to your existing teeth. Due to the non-abrasive nature of the material, zirconia restorations offer a level of comfort that is unmatched. Porcelain restorations may cause damage to the surrounding teeth and soft tissues as a result of the friction that occurs when talking or chewing.


Patient After Bloomden Zirconia Crown Treatment

Patient After Bloomden Zirconia Crown Treatment


Inlays and onlays: These restorations are used to replace damaged areas of the biting surfaces of the molars.

Dental crowns: A crown can be used to restore a damaged tooth, or it can be paired with an implant to replace a single missing tooth.

Dental bridges: A dental bridge can be used to replace consecutive missing teeth.

Dentures: Full dentures can be fabricated to replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower arch. Partial dentures can be made to replace a few missing teeth in the lower or upper arch.

As patients become aware of the advances within the dental field, technology moves at a greater pace allowing us to meet their needs now and into the future. From all Ceramic Crowns to Biogold Bridges using materials without compromise, we can provide both you and your patient with restorations unmatched in aesthetic beauty and strength.

The Crown and Bridge department at Bloomden consists of an experienced team of registered Dental Technicians, covering all aspects of crown and bridgework. From simple monolithic crown cases to complex, multi discipline implant prostheses. All work is carried out-in house including the manufacture of our own CAD/CAM products with the aid of our on-site milling facility.

Bloomden can create metal-ceramic restorations all the way to full-ceramic. This product consists of six ceramics in one integrated product line with one colour system. No longer does the ceramist have to spend valuable time learning to use a myriad of different ceramics from an array of manufacturers to create the variety of restorations which may be needed to complete a case. Each Bloomden ceramic is adapted to meet the needs of its particular fabrication process and framework, such as its coefficient of thermal expansion. Stress cracks and fractures are therefore avoided, which assures strong bonding, adhesion and retention.

The Initial ceramic system allows our ceramists to use the identical processing method for all components using a single shade system. You don’t have to re-adjust to other unaccustomed layering techniques or layering systems. Bloomden gives us more essential time to be creative. It doesn’t matter if you are working with full ceramic, metal-based, titanium or zirconium oxide frameworks.

To extend the unparalleled shading system of Bloomden and we have introduced Initial Bleach Shades with a unique colour set that allows for matching even the lightest tooth shades. They are available as separate sets, each containing different components. When adding them together, our ceramists can increasingly create aesthetic restorations.